If you are missing teeth, do not settle for unattractive, fake-looking dentures or partials. Periodontal disease, injury, and tooth decay can all cause the loss of your natural teeth. Dr. Conti may recommend a removable partial denture, a complete denture, or an implant supported partial or full denture. They design custom dentures, creating lifelike prosthetics that fit comfortably and look beautiful.

Traditionally, partial dentures are held in place with clasps that attach to neighboring teeth. They replace multiple teeth that are not necessarily adjacent to one another, fitting with existing teeth like a puzzle piece. A complete denture replaces all teeth on the upper or lower arch. It sits on the ridges of a patient’s gums. When natural ridges wear down, a denture can slip out of place, resulting in the need for adhesive.

In many cases, Dr. Conti will recommend dental implants to support the denture and resolve the problem of denture movement. When a person loses their teeth and needs complete upper and lower dentures, their chewing capability decreases to 10% of what they had with their natural teeth. Supporting dentures with implants restores the chewing capability back to 90%.

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